Virtual DICEP '21 attendees give $7000 to New Orleans hurricane relief

Staff at Consolidated Pipe & Supply Co., Inc., one of many PDCA Member companies to give a portion of their DICEP '21 refund to hurricane relief. *See list at the end of this post names of all DICEP participants who opted to donate to Ida-related charity.

The 22nd Annual Design & Installation of Cost-Efficient Piles (DICEP) Conference which took place September 15-17 is doing more than the intended purpose of providing technical education and professional development. Thanks to the generosity of many attendees, it is also a source of hurricane relief for those who experienced destruction in New Orleans during Hurricane Ida in late August. DICEP was originally scheduled to be a live, technical program at the New Orleans Marriott. However, city evacuations and storm damage rendered the facility unavailable for a conference, mere days after Ida ripped through Louisiana and beyond.

Taking quick action, PDCA was able to preserve all scheduled presentations and move the entire three day program to a virtual format. Exhibitors and attendees who registered for the live conference were given the option to participate in the virtual rendition at a reduced cost. And when they committed to the virtual option, they also committed a portion of that to go to a Hurricane Ida relief fund. In all, PDCA was able to collect $7275.00 in hurricane relief donations from more than 30 participants.

Full list of Virtual DICEP '21 participants who sent a portion of their registration to Hurricane Ida relief funds:
AMERICAN SpiralWeld Pipe Company, LLC
Beaty Construction
Braun Intertec
Cajun Industries, LLC

Consolidated Pipe & Supply Co.
Giken America Corp.
GRL Engineers, Inc./Pile Dynamics, Inc.
GZA GeoEnvironmental, Inc.

Hartman Engineering
Herbert F. Darling, Inc.
ICE - International Construction Equipment, Inc.
Mason Construction, LLC
Nagy Engineers, Inc.
Nucor Skyline
Pacific Pile & Marine
Palmetto Pile Driving
Patrick DiCerbo/Northwestern Mutual

Patriot Construction & Industrial
Premier Geotech and Testing, LLC
Richard Goettle, Inc.
S&ME, Inc.
Samuel Roll Form Group

As for the conference, attendees heard nine different presentations over the course of three consecutive afternoons. To see the presentation names along with screenshots of the virtual program, see the images below:

Keynote #1 'Even Introvert Engineers Can Network,' by Jennifer Anderson of Moving Forward Solutions, Inc.

'Expanding the Toolbox: A driven pile alternative to drilled micropiles to solve site challenges' by Matt Caskey, PE of DuroTerra

'An Integrated Computational and Experimental Study of Driven Pile Set-Up in Soft Clay' by Brent Guthrie of Cajun Industries and Chad Held, PE of Eustis Engineering

'Cone Penetration Testing and Pile Driving: A great combination,' first presentation by Gerald Verbeek, Technical Advisor at Ejilkelkamp

'Cone Penetration Testing: What really matters for contractors,' second presentation by Gerald Verbeek

'Pipe Piles Placed at 2.5D on Center for Tsunami Walls' Resilient Foundations: Case Study,' by Takefumi Takuma and Ian Vaz of Giken, Ltd.

'Pipe Piles Placed at 2.5D on Center for Tsunami Walls' Resilient Foundations: Case Study,' by Takefumi Takuma and Ian Vaz of Giken, Ltd.

'Lessons Learned from Sheet Piling Structures' by Dick Hartman, PE of Hartman Engineering

Keynote #2 ' The Value of Character: Undiminished After All These Years' by Micah McRae of Innovative Piering, LLC

'Driven Pile Foundation Design Considering Improved Geotechnical Site Characterization,' by Silas Nichols, PE of the Federal Highway Administration

Webinar photo not available:  'Treated Timber Piles as Ground Improvement,' by Skip Gardella of Norwalk Marine (above) and Lawrence Johnson of GZA GeoEnvironmental.

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